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4/18/2002 // posted by ben kaos
MTX is featured in a new book called MOUTHING OFF - A Book of Rock & Roll Quotes, featuring quotes from hundreds of rock, punk, metal and indie figures.

"Punk was being the only one with short hair in your high school, being beaten up by Boston fans calling you 'Devo.'" - Dr. Frank (2001)

MOUTHING OFF hits book and record stores in June. You can purchase it now at amazon.com.

(thanks to John L. for the news!)

1/31/2002 // posted by von Cameron
This just in... MTX will be included on a CD soundtrack for... a comic book! That's right. A comic book. I know. Odd. But it's true.

The comp is titled Pounded: The Official Comic Book Soundtrack, and is due out in April on Springman Records, in association with Oni Press Comics.

As of yet, I don't know the track. Hopefully a new one? Probably not. In any case, I'll post it when I know, for all those completists out there.

1/14/2002 // posted by von Cameron
Tomorrow! That's right! ..And The Women Who Love Them, Special Addition is released tomorrow. Check out Lookout!'s page for the tracklist and soundbites, if you haven't already.

..And The Women Who Love Them, Special Addition

Also, for those of you in the Bay area, the release show/party is scheduled for January 26 at Slim's, in San Francisco. Doors are at 8pm, and it's $10 to get in.

10/4/2001 // posted by ben kaos
The boys will be playing a few shows with Big In Japan in November 2001, here are the dates:

11/16/01 - San Jose, CA - Cactus Club
11/17/01 - Los Angeles, CA - TBA
11/18/01 - Mesa, AZ - Boston's Night Club
11/19/01 - Albuquerque, NM - Launchpad
11/20/01 - Denver, CO - Bluebird Theatre
11/21/01 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Court
11/23/01 - Seattle, WA - Graceland
11/24/01 - Portland, OR - Satyricon

4/17/2001 // posted by ben kaos

Joey Ramone

R.I.P. Joey Ramone // 1951 - 2001

3/31/2001 // posted by ben kaos
Dead Beat Magazine has a review of a MTX/Queers show in Denmark on March 23, 2001, with new photos and stuff. Check it out!!

2/27/2001 // posted by ben kaos
MTX and Dr. Frank have been nominated for two Bammies (SF Bay Area music awards) this year. Vote now, kiddies!!

2/15/2001 // posted by Jonathan London
Dr. Frank North East tour announced for late Spring!!! There is a God!!! Yahooo!!!!

4/21/2001: Pontiac Grill - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
With: Chuck Prophet, Waycross
4/22/2001: Valentine's - Albany, New York
With: Chuck Prophet, Waycross
4/23/2001: Living Room - New York, New York
With: Chuck Prophet, Waycross
4/24/2001: 14 Karat Cabaret - Baltimore, Maryland
With: Chuck Prophet, Waycross
4/25/2001: Velvet Lounge - Washington, District Of Columbia
With: Chuck Prophet, Waycross
4/26/2001: Sidewalk Cafe - New York, New York
With: Chuck Prophet, Waycross
4/27/2001: Met Cafe - Providence, Rhode Island
With: Chuch Prophet, Waycross
4/29/2001: Kendall Cafe - Boston, Massachusetts
With: Chuck Prophet, Waycross
4/29/2001: Skinny Space - Portland, Maine
With: Chuck Prophet, Waycross
5/1/2001: The Saint - Asbury Park, New Jersey
With: Chuck Prophet, Waycross

1/18/2001 // posted by Jonathan London
New MTX Disc On The Way (well... sorta)!!!

This was taken from Lookout! Records:
MTX are working on compiling a follow up to their last record in the Lookout! Punk Classix Re-Issue Series. The record would be an expanded version of their great EP "And The Women Who Love Them" and also collect all of their lost and vinyl-only B-side tracks from the Joel era of the band and some hidden suprises. Many of the MTX EPs you've come to expect to be available at your favorite record store or direct from Lookout! mailorder will be quietly going out of print in anticipation of this cool new full length disc.

1/11/2001 // posted by ben kaos
Lookout! Records announced a couple more MTX shows for February 2001, both in California (USA), before they leave for Europe:

Friday - 2/9/01:
@ Capital Garage
Sacramento, California
With: The Eyeliners; Doors: 7PM; $10

Saturday - 2/10/01:
@ Cactus Club
San Jose, California
With: The Eyeliners; Doors: 8:45PM; $8

12/18/2000 // posted by Jonathan London
This just in from Lookout! Records:

1/23/2001: The Garage - London, The United Kingdom

THE MR. T EXPERIENCE (all shows with The Queers)
2/23/2001: Lintfabriek - Kontich, Belgium
2/24/2001: Patronaat - Haarlem, The Netherlands
2/25/2001: Vera - Groningen, The Netherlands
2/26/2001: Basement - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2/27/2001: Victoria Inn - Derby, The United Kingdom
2/28/2001: Square - Harlow, The United Kingdom
3/1/2001: Garage - London, The United Kingdom
3/2/2001: Pontoise - Paris, France
3/14/2001: Gaswerk - Winterthur, Switzerland
3/16/2001: Limelight - Stuttgart, Germany
3/17/2001: Underground - Koln, Germany
3/18/2001: Molotow - Hamburg, Germany
3/25/2001: W2 - Den Bosch, The Netherlands

Additional Info: I talked to Frank for a while outside of the Philadelphia show in Septembert. Some pretty interesting factoids he stated include:

-"Lickitung" is the song that he may be most proud of writing ever. So download it and get it in your head!
-After saving up all of his money, he finally gave in and just bought his first computer ever: an iMac that he named "Mr. Robot Man". He uses the voice recognition software to ask the computer to do tasks like tell him knock knock jokes. Looks like he's hooked for good!
-Frank also purchased a lot of multitracking recording stuff for his place. A lot of "Miracle of Shame" was recorded on it and then brought into the studio for Jym to add drums to. A pretty impressive feat for Jym and it sounds great!
-His next album (and yes it is a solo one!) will be put together in a similar fashion.
-Dan Tracy (as mention on "Miracle...") was the lead singer for an old Bay Area band called The TV Personalities. He was very influential to Frank and no one knows what happened to the guy. He did recommend any of his records though... if you can find 'em!

12/17/2000 // posted by ben kaos
There is a newer, easier to use message board now, since the other one was a little too fancy and complicated.

12/14/2000 // posted by ben kaos
SuperSphere.com has a MTX live set from September 22, 2000 @ the Fireside Bowl (Chicago, IL). RealVideo and stuff. Go here and scroll down.

12/12/2000 // posted by ben kaos
A few people have informed me that Dr. Frank is planning on doing another solo album before working on new MTX stuff. (thanks Michael)

Speaking of Frank, he recently wrote and recorded a song called "Lickitung" under the name "Punkemon" for the EMusic's internet-only version of the Lookout! Records sampler compilation, Lookout! Freakout!.

Download the "Lickitung" mp3 here. You owe me 99 cents. :)

12/11/2000 // posted by ben kaos
OK lemme get everybody caught up on MTX news. Their newest release is the 5-song "Miracle of Shame" EP on Lookout! Records. The cover artwork:

'miracle of shame' ep

Here's the track listing for the EP:
01. Spy vs. Spy
02. Leave the Thinking to the Smart People
03. Mr. Ramones (mp3)
04. Stephanies of the World Unite (mp3)
05. I Don't Know Where Dean Treacy Lives

Joel is no longer in the band; he is now playing bass, singing, and writing songs for his new band, the Plus Ones, featuring Danny Panic (ex-Screeching Weasel) and Scotty Hay (ex-Receivers). The new MTX bassist is Gabe Meline (ex-Tilt), one of Dr. Frank's good friends.

12/11/2000 // posted by ben kaos
Ahhh. Finally! The new Empty Starship site (the old one is still here). It's obviously not done yet, but I wanted to get this news section up so everyone can at least keep up to date with the latest MTX stuff.

There's a new message board here, so post away. Feel free to email me your comments, questions, etc, or post them in the message board. More new junk coming really soon, so stay tuned.

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